A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

After the END

Ever since the world ended BB has been alone. The only survivor, BB in journey's in the hopes of finding someone else alive. Stumbling upon a town far from the ruins of civilization can BB dare to hope? Or will there just be more death?

- 5 possible endings

Created for NaNoRenO 2019


AfterTheEND_mac.zip 89 MB
AfterTheEND_windows.zip 90 MB


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Once again due to the mystical Nami I have found another little gem of Visual Novel makers. I have to say, that I personally loved your story that you made here, and even with the lack of characters it made for a very good suspense story, which you don't get to see in many of these Visual Novels. I liked how many of the choices went together such as 

*slight spoiler warning* 

In the town at the begining of the story you may enter a house in which you will find an unfinished diary, and in a seperate house, you may find the last page. Since you are limited to the amount of homes you can search, you have the chance of not even finding the diary or if you do find it, you might not even finish it.

It's small elements like that, that are woven into the stories that make them infinitely more investing and interesting, as well as somewhat immersive.

Anyways, 5 Stars from me. Keep doin what you're doin <3


Oh my! Thank you so much! ~ <3
I only learned about Nanoreno, and so only created this game, thanks to Nami so I guess we are both lucky there! =)
I am very much planning to keep making more VNs! (After the END will be getting a sequel at some point so hopefully everyone likes it!)

You're Welcome! I can't wait to see more of your future projects, and I now people will love the sequel!

i liked the exploration mechanic in this game! it really feels like going around an abandoned town.

Thank you so much!
I want to try improve on things a bit in future to be less restrictive but I did like the overall result.

I gonna put my thoughts on it in a very simple way.

IT WAS AWSOME! Well done Stomach God! 

Thank you!

i looove zombie apocalypse stories :) this was neat, i really liked how the infected were drawn. i died a few times before getting to the true end but it was worth it!

(congrats on finishing before the deadline too!)

Funnily enough I don't normally do zombie stories really. It was fun to do though! 
(Are you suuuuure that was the true end though? >=D ... I guess we will find out if/when I do entry 2 for the series)

(Thank you so much! Peeps like you helped by inspiring me along the way!)